Things a T-Rex Does

I normally prefer my hearts to be still beating and dripping in blood but I can cope with a chocolate one now and again.

Combining my two favourite things, stomping and coffee

What you don’t know Key Rex is that I am also left handed.

Christmas Ham update. One hour to go.

Wee Rex! I see you’re stomping the bases for some mince pies. T Rex will be upset when he finds out there’s neither mince nor meat in these.

Wee Rex! I said take a risk not a whisk

Settling down as a family for the daily Jurassic Park viewing.

I need to take my pills. Have you ever seen a T-Rex with a cold?

Key Rex! You can’t eat the Eiffel Tower. Well not in one bite anyway.

Time for my holiday!

Oh TRex you old romantic, is that flower for me?

I’m not sure about this bath thing. I’m a manly TRex who does men’s things. But it does look relaxing.

Wee Rex! You can’t sit in the fridge till the repair man gets here and then jump out at him. OK, you can but only if you say Zuuuuuuuul.

Be very very quiet. I’m a hunting rabbits.

Today has mostly been spent worshipping our Velociraptor overlords and deleting Jurassic Park off our DVR.